Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Answers to Questions on Type 1 Hormone Mechanism


1. Enzymes (catalyst) will act with the hormones which will serve as the messengers to invoke changes in the target cell.
2. The two types of receptor in cell are the cell surface receptor and intracellular receptor.
3. The cell surface receptor only acts outside of the cell while the intracellular receptor will go inside the cell and will act there.
4. Examples of hormone in type 1 mechanism are peptide hormone, proteins, catecholamines and eicosanoids.
5. Examples of hormone for type 2 mechanism are the steroids and thyroid hormones.
6. Example of 2nd messenger is the adenylate cyclase.

Fill in the blanks:

Hormones in the type 1 mechanism find their receptor on the plasma membrane of the target cells.

The binding of hormone to the receptor will result to the production of second messengers within the cell.

This then will trigger a series of molecular interactions that will alter the physiologic state of the cell.

Each of the hormones will bind to the receptor protein that are embedded in the cytoplasmic membrane of the target cell.

Near the receptor protein is adenylate cyclase which is in inactive form and will act as the 2nd messenger.

It is important to know the type of receptor a hormone utilize to know its action. If it is steroid or non-steroid hormone.

The type 1 mechanism acts faster because it just reacts on the cell surface unlike the type 2 it will first go inside the cell then will have the reaction there.


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