Tuesday, August 25, 2009

STOP and THINK for Awhile!!


1. What is the function of an enzyme in the type 1 hormone mechanism?

2. What are the two types of receptor in the cell?

3. What is the difference of the two types of receptors in the cell?

4. What are examples of hormones in type 1 Mechanism?

5. What are examples of hormones in type 2 Mechanism?

6. Give examples of 2nd messengers?

Fill in the blanks:

Hormones in the type 1 mechanism found their receptor on the _______ of the target cell.

The binding of hormone will result in the production of ________ within the cell.

This will then trigger a series of _______ that will alter the physiologic state of the cell.

Each of the hormone will bind to a receptor protein that are embedded in the _____________ of the target cell.

Near the receptor protein is the ________ which is in inactive form and will act as the 2nd messenger.


Discuss the importance of knowing the type of receptor a hormone utilizes.

Discuss which type of hormone mechanism reacts faster.


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